Keswick - Lake District
Copyright Marcus Roberts (with additional material by Dr Yaakov Wise (also with special thanks to Ian Tyler for his expertise on local mining history)

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When we think of the Lake District and its fells we would hardly imagine that it has its own rich Jewish heritage and history. There have been Jews present in the area from the Middle Age. The most outstanding and one of the most remarkable Jewish figures in Anglo-Jewish history, was a medieval Jews, Joachim Gaunse, who came to Keswick from Prague and Augsburg, and became a founding genius of the mining and smelting industry, in the Lakes, South Wales and Cornwall and helped save England from the Armada and then went on and became the first America Jew, when he went on Sir Walter Raleigh's expedition to America, in 1585, and settled temporarily at Roanoake Island. The trail also traces the story of 18th Century Jewish graphite smugglers and Jewish pencil makers, the Jewish pedlars and hawkers who wandered the remote valleys and the World War II Jewish refugees and evacuees who all found sanctuary in the Lake District. This is one of our most remarkable and distinctive trails in a out-standing setting.

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