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Name: Dr Michael Jolles
 Dr Jolles has kindly contributed several articles to JTrails. He is a leading Anglo-Jewish biographer and council member of the JHSE. He has provided long-term historical advice to the project and has kindly made his historical research available when ever needed.
Name: Dr. Abigail Green
 Dr Abigail Green is a fellow of Brasenose College, Oxford is researching Moses Montefiore and has contributed an article on him. She has also kindy suggested creating the Moses Montefiore 1825 Trail.
Name: Fiona Holdsworth
 Fiona Holdsworth is our PR and media consultant and has advised on project development.
Name: Gary Snapper
 Is a JTrails editor and has edited our JTrails history of the Jews of England.
Name: Jean Rubinstien
 Jean has generously made her auto-biography available to us, on her childhood years in the East End as well as to advise on aspects of East End Jewish life. While she is officially retired she is a long-term volunteer for a leading children’s charity.
Name: Marion Meek
 Marion Meek is a JTrails editor and advises Jtrails on medieval history, architecture and historical monuments. She has a distinguished career in managing and writing about historic properties.
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