Copyright and Conditions for Site Usage

All material on this web-site is copyrighted, to the Marcus Roberts / Oxford Heritage Projects / JTrails and its partners, or, to other named individuals or parties. Each item on the site may have specific conditions on its use which is binding on all users. JTrails should be contacted if there are any queries or doubts about conditions of use. The material on this site is generally freely available for your non-commercial, personal or educational use and it is our objective to provide as much free-use material as possible and not to restrict the free use of material for personal, or academic or legitimate research or for educational purposes. Materials may be used in extract for private use or legitimate academic research, with the proviso that the copyright source is clearly acknowledged. Commercial use or adaptation is prohibited unless prior written permission is obtained.

However, users of the material must not create a derivative work or adaptation of the material on the site, except for private use. Users must not distort or use the materials in such a manner as to misrepresent JTrails or damage the integrity of its presentation or the originating materials. Educational organizations may use the material within their organization and they may use sufficient copies of material for the use of one class or form, up to 30 copies.

Additional copies of materials must not be made available for individuals outside of the school or educational organisation. The multi-copying of materials by schools or educational organizations are in any case covered by ERA regulations and individual school licenses and should be consulted for further guidance. If any JTrails material is intended for public display prior permission of JTrails will need to be sought in the first instance. If any item is to be used in a publication, any commercial use, or, bulk use, the permission or sanction of JTrails, or the named copyright holder must be obtained in the first instance. Normally a formal permission will need to be obtained and a fee may be payable

Some items on this site are available on a 'read only' basis and usually hard copy can be ordered and obtained from the copyright holder with a specified payment.

JTrails asks all users of the site to respect the copy-right of the material on this site, much of which represents considerable unpaid work by the author(s) or originator(s) and any payments that may be due on some materials rarely cover the real costs involved in its creation.

Charges made by JTrails for its own materials, are usually on a cost-recovery basis, with an additional percentage which goes directly to funding the JTrails.

All users of the site must satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the material for its purpose, and, while all the materials on this site are given in good faith, JTrails cannot accept liability for accident or injury that might arise from using this material and users must exercise due caution and vigilance with regard to their personal safety when they undertake visits to heritage sites and to take appropriate local advice. Some sites, such as abandoned cemeteries, or former industrial or military sites, may have specific physical risks associated with a visit, such as the risk of falling masonry, un-exploded ordnance, exposed mine workings and mine shafts, and it is the responsibility of the individual or organisation to make an appropriate risk assessment before visiting.

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