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Jewish POW from Alderney helped by Guernsey family

My grandparents, John Cotterill and Lizzie Cotterill lived with my mother Linda at a house just below the Miraz Battery on L'eree Hill, St Pierre du Bois, Guernsey during the occupation of the Channel Islands. The story recounted to me by both my Grandfather and my Mother over the years is true. The POW's from Alderney were brought over regularly to build the Miraz Battery, my Mother says she would see them picking thistles from the hedge to eat, and their legs and arms were no thicker than sticks. One of them escaped and was found by my mother in the shed at the back of the house, very frightened, the family took him in and he lived with them for some time, they would feed him and he would chop wood for them, it's not clear if he lived openly or secretly, but after a while the Germans got wind of him being there and they raided the house, he had run away and was found hiding up a tree near St Saviours School, the story was that he was shot out of the tree, though this was never confirmed, but he was never seen again. From Sue Cotterill.

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