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Dover Jewish Institutions

Edward Turner

Edward Turner recalls his memories of Jewish institutions in Dover and what has become of them now.

Reference Westmount. This building became disused by the KCC Adult Education Service some years ago and there were plans to convert the building into flats. However, it caught fire a couple of years ago and was covered with scaffolding and temporary roof. This has all now been removed and presumably the place will just disintegrate. There was a plate in the foyer regarding a box placed in the foundation when the building was dedicated by the Rabbi. The Synagogue. When I came back to Dover aged 11 after the war the synagogue was not badly damaged, only one corner of the front had suffered. Mildmay. This building was used as apartments, but later became a hotel. The last owners sold up and work started on converting it to flats, but it has not been completed. A building on the opposite side of the road to Westmount was Mrs Hart's School. This was, I understand a Jewish Institution. An aunt of mine was at school there - this would have been 1910 or after. The school was moved at the outbreak of WW2 to the west country somewhere and never returned. Building was converted and use by Pickfords as furniture warehouse for years. Then changed to base for Weru (plastic windows etc), and has now been converted into quite good sized flats. Hope this is useful for your records.
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