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More Brighton Recollections

Tom Sargant

Tom Sargant provides more valuable recollections of Jewish days gone past in Brigton.

I am most impressed with the Brighton tour and my sampling of other tours, illustrating the unexpected richness of diversity in Britain's regions. It may be worth noting that Rosen's clothes shop was sadly demolished last year. I remember the youngest Mr Rosen very well, he had a wonderfully circuitous, courteous and old-fashioned manner of speech. The simplest query about stock could take some minutes to answer so it was as well not to pop in when your time was short. The sign over the door disappeared some time before the shop went so may well survive in private hands. Another person you might add is Herman Schrijver, the interior decorator and son of a Jewish-Dutch diamond merchant; it may be that his father owned the Kingsway diamond workshop you mention; their family home was on London Road in Preston. It might also be added that the appeal of the Spotted Dog to Brian Epstein was that it was a gay pub at the time. Again - congratulations on your important project. Tom Sargant. PS I have heard that the tool shop on Bond Street preserves the outer walls of the Jew Street synagogue but I don't know how true that is. PPS It might also be worth recording that the heir of the Birmingham-based Japanware-manufacturing fortune of Jennens and Bettridge lived out his days in Brunswick Square
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