Camp Tibor and Sites of Slave Labour (at Dannes)

Touring the Area

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This trail visits the site of one of the main Jewish concentration camps in the Nord Pas de Calais: Camp Tibor. It also takes in a visit to the graves of Jewish victims of the Holocaust who died at the camp. You will also see some of the major German fortifications of the area, including the Kriegsmarine, which was a massive munitions store for the German Navy and a military site of national importance. The walk will give you a good sense of the war in this area and how slave labour was vital for the German war machine in constructing its fortifications and defences. Recommended: Walking shoes, a map (IGN 2104 ET, Carte de Radonnee, Boulogne-Sur-Mer) and water. The Walk follows a recognised local walking circuit and rights of way. The route also offers opportunities for off-road cycling on good tracks and is accessed off excellent local cycle-ways. Start: This tour location is approximately 40 minutes south from the Channel Terminals; Park at Cite de les Dunnette on the D119, four km from Hardelot (geo-location 50.620366, 1.624388). From here first head to the restored bunker on the flank of Mont St Frieux which is a short detour Left off the Chemin du Facteur and the tour then continues along a stony track, the Chemin du Facteur to the site of the former concentration camp and the Jewish graves. For those who do not wish to go on the longer walk, the site of the camp and graves is just off the road and accessible from parking at geo-location 50.593307, 1.619911 . The Kreigsmarine can also be alternatively accessed from the other end along a track at geo-location 50.609735, 1.636818. Don't forget to click on the 'Google Map' button in the 'Navigate this Trail' section to access the Google Map of the trail location. You should also click on 'satellite view' to access aerial imagery which will give you near pin-point accuracy for sites when you zoom in. You can also click on the orange street view icon / man and drag it over to the spot where you want to open street view to give you a dynamic view of on-street parts of the trail.
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