Tower of London

Touring the Area

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Touring the Jewish Tower of London The Tower of London is a world heritage site and one of the most important visitor attractions in the UK, whose key attractions are so well known they scarcely need to be enumerated. This heritage trail offers a different view of this iconic landmark and heritage site and shows that, as in many other cases there is a 'hidden' Jewish history and that the history of the medieval Jews is inextricably interwoven with the very fabric of the Tower and that the Jewish heritage of the Tower is the epitome of a 'hidden' Jewish history'. If a special visit to the Tower is undertaken one may follow the normal tourist routes through the Tower, but the major areas of interest of Jewish interest, are in the White Tower and the areas to the south and west sides of the castle, constructed before 1300 and including Traitor's Gate. A visit to the Tower is not cheap, but is also possible to get a good view of some of the key areas of Jewish interest from the free to enter pedestrian areas around the visitor entrances to the Tower.
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