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JTrails Recieves Award for Excellence

Date: 09/01/2009

JTrails Recieves Award for Excellence from Northampton Borough Council as part of the National Customer Service Week.

JTrails was awarded a certificate of Excellence for their out-reach work in Northampton, in partnership with Northampton Borough Council, the Youth Forum, the Anne Frank Festival and Heritage Open Days at the Guildhall.

JTrails have organised three Jewish heritage exhibitions, delivered two public lectures on the Jewish history of the town, launched a Northampton Jewish Heritage Trail and the first ever guided Jewish tours of Northampton, as well as a new published trail map and guide and completing a ground breaking archaeological survey of the medieval Jewry site and the medieval Jewish Cemetery.

JTrails had, in the words of Lindsey Ambrose for Northampton Borough Council, '.. achieved record numbers of compliments from people of all ages in respect of the Anne Frank Festival, the Jewish Heritage Trail project and the Heritage Days at the Guildhall.'

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