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JTrails Exhibitions and Speaker at 2014 Limmud Conference

Date: 15/09/2014

Two of the recently launched JTrails Exhibitions, of Oxford and Lincoln, were prominently displayed at 2014 Limmud Conference. Also, JTrails Director, Marcus Roberts launched three new Trails. One was the new JTrail of the Jewish heritage in Lincoln Cathedral and the other two were Holocaust Trails near Boulogne in France and which can be seen in a day or week-end trip across the Channel. The trail of Lincoln Cathedral is believed to be the first dedicated Jewish trail of a major Christian building in this country and the Holocaust Trails reveal the little known Holocaust history and heritage of the French Coast in sight of England. From 1941 Jews were deported to the Nord Pas de Calais to labour on the Atlantic Wall, and were detained in a net-work of some 16 slave labour camps, before most were deported to their death at Auschwitz. The photograph is of a foot-print of a Jewish slave labourer left in a construction now know as the Jew's Road (Chemin des Juifs) which is the focus of one of the Holocaust trails.

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