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After the war, the Jewish refugees went on to be successful in their own fields. Rosemary Friedman (Tibber) went on to become a celebrated author and playwright. Since the War Brackley has had a small Jewish presence, the Silver family lived in Brackley in the 1970s and 1980s, and the managing director of the contact lens manufacturer on the High Street, Cantor and Niesell, has confirmed that the business was originally a Jewish company.

In the current census one person has declared themselves to be Jewish in Brackley East, though there is also at least one Jewish family in west Brackley as well, and there are several Jewish families in surrounding villages in Farthinghoe, Charlton, Helmdon and Morton Pinkney and other Jewish individuals, for example at Middleton Cheyney. This includes the author of this trail and JTrails the National Anglo-Jewish Heritage Trail was founded from Farthinghoe in 2005. It is also of interest that until lately there was an Israeli technology business near to the village of Middleton Cheyney (who have now moved to Banbury). This area is distinctive in that it is still one one of the least ethnically diverse areas in the country and being the 'only Jew (or Asian) in the village' is a common experience and a local Asian constituent noted to the local MP that south Northamptonshire, was the 'Great White Highlands', therefore noting the ethnic heritage and diversity of the area is of some importance.

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