Camp Tibor and Sites of Slave Labour (at Dannes)


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Many of these prisoners were held at the main local Camp, Lager Tibor, at Dannes, south of Boulogne. Camp Tibor was started around June 1942. The first group of prisoners probably arrival on 5 August, 1942, with a group of Belgian Jewish deportees arriving at Dannes-Camiers railway station. From June 1942, to October 1942, there were a 1,000 Jews of different nationalities and a number of Belgians, but by the end of October 1942, the number was reduced to plus or minus 100 Jews due to most being sent to Auschwitz and there were about 700 Jews left across all of the French camps. The Jews were segregated within the camp from other prisoner groups, who included French, Italian, Spanish and Russian prisoners (POWs and at the end of the War, Russian children). Prisoners worked 10 hours a day and had poor medical care, very little food and regular beatings. The camp commanders were mostly very brutal towards the Jews resulting in broken limbs and teeth. Dannes became the primary and central local camp used to assemble and register the new arrivals and then allocate prisoners to the other camps or Komandos. Conditions at the camp were arduous and often brutal. The end of the camp came on 5 September 1944, when the Germans started to evacuate all of the prisoners with them and organized a train at Boulogne to deport the prisoners. However, the transport was liberated by the Belgian resistance at Dexmude.Next
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